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Gym Anytime, Anywhere: The Latest in Home Gym Equipment, UAE Edition

Home gym equipment is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking to exercise and maintain fitness in privacy and at their own pace. Many people find using home gym equipment more convenient than visiting a gym. Modern equipment also often features connectivity with fitness trackers and smartwatches, providing extra motivation to stay committed to fitness goals. Here's a look at some of the latest home gym equipment available in the UAE.

Assault AirRunner Elite: A treadmill for serious fitness enthusiasts

The Assault AirRunner Elite is perfect for dedicated home gym users and professional athletes. This non-motorized treadmill is designed to increase calorie burn and allows for customised workouts with its built-in programming. It features a low-impact, shock-absorbent belt to minimise injury risk and offers advanced connectivity, syncing with your favourite fitness apps and trackers.

Powercore Deluxe Multi-Gym: Versatile and comprehensive

For those seeking versatile home gym equipment in the UAE, the Powercore Deluxe Multi-Gym is an excellent choice. It includes a dual chest press or pectoral station, high-and-low pulley systems, arm curl, and more, targeting every major muscle group. Its robust 5x5 heavy-gauge steel framework and 2000lb (91kg) high-tensile aircraft cables with sealed pulleys ensure smooth and reliable performance.

Shua A5 Treadmill: Affordable and technologically advanced

The Shua A5 Treadmill stands out for its affordability and integration with Kinomaps and ZWIFT, enhancing your running experience. It features an industrial-grade 1.5 AC motor that peaks at 3.5 HP AC, offering greater durability compared to DC motor models. Plus, its foldable design makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

Shua Gym Benches, Squat Racks, and Leg Press Machine: All-in-one solution

This combination of gym bench, leg press machine, and squat rack offers a comprehensive solution for home gym equipment in the UAE. It's an all-in-one equipment piece that saves space and eliminates the need to purchase separate machines.

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